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This is my practical and scientific biography

My full name is Hêmin Weli Hamad Amin shêxani. I was born in 1979/10/29Mon. My birth place is Eerbil-Hawlêr city in Kurdistan of Iraq. I'm married I have 2 sons ( Havand & Lawand) . I'I Have Company it's Name (Havand Internatioanl Trading Co.,LTD http:www.havand.net) , & I graduated in University… More>>>




Kurdish Names

Complete List of Kurdish Names for your Baby, Boys and girls Kurdish names Click here>>

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History of Kurdistan

The History of the Kurds goes back before the record of time. The rivers that gave start to civilization originates in Kurdistan, the Tigris and Euphrates, the nest of mankind roams south from the Kurdish highlands. Chamchamal (Jarmo), the city that introduced agriculture and cultivation to mankind, is in the province of Kerkuk, central Kurdistan. Now divided by false borders of the oppressors (Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Armenia). The Kurds comprises of 30 millions people. We Kurds have a distinct language of our own, we have our separate culture,

we have a separate past from our oppressors, yet our language, culture, and common history will always unite the Kurds of Kurdistan. From the highlands of Mt. Agri (Mt. Ararat) to the plains of Kermansha, from the shores of the Mediterranean to Lake Urmiya, lies the Great Kurdish Nation.. More>>>

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Kurdistani Iraq, Hawler (Erbil)
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An introduction about the Webster

I'm a Kurdish person, I live in Iraqi Kurdistan government, in Erbil city . My aim in opening this Web is to introduce myself as a Kurdish person to the whole world in order to make other people to know the fact about the improvement of Kurdish nation, and to introduce the Kurdish nation into other nations in the world. We have all right to spread our glorious culture, and not lose it and lose the right of Kurdish & Kurdistan in this material world. I'm as a Kurd, I'm very proud of my nationality, in this world freely like other people. We must not forget that there are no differences between one person and another except through his or her piety.

This is my slogan with the world around me… and I'm the person who ask and search for science, and I never give up in asking and searching.
Finally, I hope that you enjoy with my homepage, and your content is my pleasure.

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If you have questions or comments about this Web site, please e-mail hemin@myway.com

If you have questions or comments about this Web site, please e-mail hemin@myway.com